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Geeli is poised for expansion in several directions. It is active both in the field of different applications in different industries for its specialty product as well as in the manufacture of associated machinery used in ancillary conveying, pressing, drying and storage processes. It aims to eventually provide turnkey solutions. It is also very active in the adoption of the latest technologies not only in production machinery, inspection and test equipments, but also communication and information technologies. Its progressive attitude is evident in its warm embrace of the Internet and this website is its first step towards eventual e-enablement of various business processes like Sales & Marketing, Production, Supply Chain / Distribution Channel / Customer Relationship Management etc.

How We Started

The success and warm acceptance inspired him to found Geeli's Works in 1965. A simple man and a believer of the axiom, "Greatness lies not in doing extraordinary things, but ordinary things extraordinarily", he has since then, devoted himself to perfecting the art and science of manufacturing Dewatering Screw Presses. Today, Ashok Panchal is ably supported by his sons, relatives and personally trained, long standing skilled staff.

Thanks to his vision and hard work, Geeli, a specialist concern with a small-scale structure, has today earned a national reputation for the technical excellence of its product. It is the leader in the low-end 'value for money products' segment - the dominant segment of the Indian market. Geeli Dewatering Screw Presses actually compare very favorably in performance even with the best international product. Commercially, Geeli is known for its sound business practices and reliability.

What We Offer

Amidst this flurry of activity and at its core, however, abides its perennial philosophy of quest for excellence in the day-to-day processes - of doing ordinary things extraordinarily. This living faith in the essential quality of work and things manifests not only in precision metalwork and production processes, but extends to business practices, customer relations and services.

We confidently assure you that in your dealings with Geeli, besides obtaining reliable, value for money, customized solutions for your unique dewatering needs, punctual delivery and prompt, efficient and courteous service you are also in for a delightfully refreshing human experience.

57 Year Experience Working