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What is Juice Extractor Machine?

As the name implies, fruit juice extractor machine is used to extract juice from different kinds of fruits. with the same working principle, fruit juice extractor machine processes fruits into juice, which is convenient and nutritive. Almost all the fruits can be extracted by fruit juice extractor machine, such as apple, pineapple, pear, orange, grape, strawberry watermelon, lemons, tomatoes and so on. So if you have fruits, please put into consideration of owning a fruit juice extractor machine.

Fruit juice extractor is also known as spiral slag juice machine, slag spiral fruit and vegetable juice machine, fruit and vegetable beater crusher and so on. The raw materials must be uniform, non-rigid foreign matter into the hopper, which will not to damage the screen.

Model Selection :

It is defined as feed capacity between 50kg/hr. to 5000 kg/hr.